Horse Sales & Consignment

At the moment there are no horses for sale at Free Spirit Farm.

Free Spirit Farm also offers consignment board and/or training. We all hope our horses find happy and purposeful homes when we put them up for sale. The best way we can help that happen is make sure they have the training and education to make them wonderful partners for their new owners.

If you have a horse you’d like to sell but feel that he/she could use a tune up to show to his/her full potential, we can work out a plan to make your horse worth every dollar you are asking.  This is also a great option if your horse needs work in a particular area.  For example, your horse is great at what he does but needs work on trailer loading.  We can keep your horse stay schooled and improve his trailer loading skills to make him more marketable.

Furthermore, if your horse is ready to go, but you don’t have the facility or time to show them to their potential try out our short term consignment board option.

Contact us for more information and to set up a consultation.