Barefoot Trimming and Scoot Boots

With  19 years of experience in balanced barefoot horse hoof trimming for comfort and performance, Lisa Vaccaro of Free Spirit Farm has helped numerous people help their horses gain and maintain barefoot health.   You can’t just trim a good foot onto a horse, you have to grow one.  The right trim is integral to eliminating flares, cracks, underrun heels and many other hoof capsule deviations. We have helped in the rehabilitation process of navicular and foundered horses.   Our goal is to help a horse grow the best foot they can.

Every horse is an individual and that not all horses can live a barefoot life, however new technologies in hoof boots have made it possible to keep more horses barefoot which can be healthier for their feet, more cost effective for their owners, and give riders the flexibility of more protection when they need it and not when they don’t. To help us better serve our clients are thrilled to have partnered with Scoot Boots so we can provide horse owners in New Jersey and parts of Pennsylvania the opportunity to have an in person fitting to help make sure you get the right fit for your horse!

Why have we chosen Scoot Boots?

Hoof boots aren’t new riders for decades have sought an alternative to shoes, however the options always seemed to leave a lot to be desired.  Many boots are clunky, adding almost a half inch of material around the outside of the foot, the materials will become waterlogged, fray or tear, cables would snap, velcro would loose its stick, and heel bulbs would get rubbed by sand and rocks that found their way in during a ride.   The second I held a Scoot boot in my hand I new they had solved many of these issues with their low profile single molded piece of Thermoplastic urethane material that is tough but flexible.  Their open heel and open side design allows dirt mud and water to escape without being trapped and the boots add little more than a few millimeters to the outside of the hoof. These boots are the best answer to the booting question that I have found and am happy to be able to bring them to New Jersey for purchase and offer in person fitting consultations.

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