Introduction to Bodywork: An Interactive Demo

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May 18th, 2024: “Introduction to Bodywork: An Interactive Demo (featuring Masterson Method®)”

Diane Fitzgerald of Fitz Equine Bodywork-MMCP (Masterson Method Certified Practitioner) 

Free Spirit Farm is happy to welcome Diane Fitzgerald of Fitz Equine Body work to present her Introduction to Bodywork: An Interactive Demo.  This clinic/demo is for horse owners, leasers, students riding lesson horses, equine professionals who want to know more about the Masterson Method.  This demo will introduce participants to the Masterson Method (R) and teach them how to find and release tension in their equine partners.  This demo day is offering two sessions a 9am -12pm or 1-4pm. Farm horses will be available to participants or you may trailer in with your own horse. Please Email [email protected] with any questions.

“Introduction to Bodywork: An Interactive Demo (featuring Masterson Method®)”
Improve connection & communication
Positively impact horses overall well-being & performance
Equine Anatomy
Introduction to Masterson Method (Integrated Equine Performance Horse Bodywork).
Learn about the BENEFITS of equine bodywork & indications to seek out bodywork for your horse.
Demonstration of some of the bodywork techniques.
Learn hands on technique/s you can do between bodywork sessions on your own to improve your horse’s comfort
level and to release tension
Learn a bit of helpful equine anatomy
Q & A Informational session
Gift bags for each participant
FREE Masterson Method “Light to the Core” streaming video for those that schedule an individual bodywork

Fee: $75 per participant

Pre-registration and deposit required.  Deposit is $25 plus a $1 service fee for a total of $26.

The balance will be due the day of the clinic.

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