Gaited Horse Clinic with Gary Lane

Free Spirit Farm welcomes Gary Lane, a renowned gaited horse trainer, author, veteran of the United States Army, retired police officer, and graduate of the University of Kentucky. He is deeply devoted to enhancing the knowledge of both the novice and the professional gaited horse owner. A particular dedication is his focus on helping riders to develop the “free-going” horse that is the particular gift of the gaited breeds.

This 2-day clinic will cover:

  1. Identify the smooth gaits of your horse
  2. Find rhythm & relaxation
  3. Developing control for the trail horse
  4. Developing the confidence in riding
  5. Bitting the gaited horse!


Pre registration is required! All Participating horses must have a current Coggins and Shot Record.
Limited stabling is available for horses traveling long distances. Contact for more info.


Lisa Vaccaro, Manager @ Free Spirit Farm


Stephanie Anderson