For Humans

Of course we’d love to spend all of our money on our horse, but we humans need things too!


I LOVE my helmet! It wasn’t cheap but it feels like pillows hugging my head!

For those of you just starting out here are some helmets like the ones we use for lessons.

IRH Air-Lite Shiny Finish Riding Helmet – Black (M) (Misc.)

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There are plenty of options for footwear. Here are some options if you’re just starting out.

Boots are something that lots of people skimp on, but something that most experienced riders will tell you where they spend a boat-load of money. Ariat is one of the most comfortable and popular brands.

Other Favorites

Riding is a sport.  If you ride, you’re an athlete. Period.  If you muck, you’re an athlete. Treat yourself like an athlete. Stay strong. Protein is good.


Vega Sport Post-Workout Recovery Accelerator, Tropical, 19oz, 20 Servings (Health and Beauty)

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