Riding Lessons

Free Spirit Farm offers a variety of riding and horsemanship lessons with horses available for lease or lesson rental. Riding lessons are tailored to the individual student and their goals.  We proudly offer a comprehensive riding program, including a ground-up equine education to accommodate all skill levels from beginner to veteran.  Our students become proficient in everything from catching and leading a horse, to grooming, basic horsemanship and handling, tacking up, lunging, equine psychology, and riding with balance and confidence.  Our students gain confidence through education, understanding, and practice to become well-rounded horse-men and women.

The lesson program at FSF includes:

  • Half-hour and full-hour individual and group riding lessons
  • Training in basic horsemanship, ground work, and handling
  • Riding lessons for balance and confidence
  • Instruction for eventing, jumping, trail riding and more!

We emphasize riding with a balanced, fluid and independent seat applicable in any discipline, whether you’re showing or going for a trail ride.  We make sure that our students learn calm, gentle and effective techniques for ground handling skills.  We also have special experience working with and understanding riders who need help regaining their confidence as a result of a previous injury or accident.  Our track record for helping students overcome their fears and brush-up on their skills are unparalleled and will help get you back in the saddle in no time.

We offer private and group hour and half-hour lessons as they are available. Lessons may be booked up to two weeks in advance. Prices are $35 per half or $50 per hour lesson. One hour lessons are also sold in packages of 5 for $225.

Group lessons are offered only when there is a class available and when a student has demonstrated enough proficiency to handle a horse in a group.  Group prices are $30 for a half hour and $45 for an hour.

All students are required to sign a liability waiver, wear proper safety equipment, including riding boots with a heel and a certified riding helmet.

Contact us or give us a call at (732) 637-9686 today!